#UltimateLoveNG: Rosie, Kachi decide to wed after show

Rosie and Kachi on Ultimate Love

Two of the love guests on the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Rosie and Kachi, have decided to marry after the show.

Rosie, 35, and Kachi, 32, who are jointly known as Roksie, discussed their plans with Aunty on Thursday.

Kachi asked Rosie’s permission to meet her parents after the show and she agreed.

The couple has also decided to live together in Lagos immediately after the show as they are afraid of losing each other.

The lovebirds also decided to have four children – two boys and two girls – whom they plan to raise with Rosie’s son, Jeremy.

Rosie previously had eyes for another love guest, David, but to her disappointment, he chose to pair with PhreshTalker instead.

She then decided to pair with Kachi and they chose the nickname, Roksie.

They are up for eviction this week after getting a vote during the last eviction nomination exercise.