Tunde Kelani owing me for Ti Oluwa Ni Ile – Baba Wande

Kareem Adepoju Baba Wande

Veteran actor, Kareem Adepoju, popularly known as Baba Wande, has accused cinematographer, Tunde Kelani, of owing him money from the 1993 ground-breaking film, Ti Oluwa Ni Ile.

Baba Wande made the allegation in an interview with Sunday Punch.

Adepoju, a former member of the Duro Ladipo Theatre Group, wrote the story and stars as Oloye Otun in Ti Oluwa Ni Ile.

The relationship between him and Kelani is believed to have gone bad over sharing of profit from the movie.

“What actually happened is that I wrote the story and Tunde Kelani established a production company (Mainframe Films and Television Productions). He was the one who produced and financed the film.

“We both agreed that we would split the proceeds of the movies; he would take 70 per cent while I would take 30 per cent.

“The movie was in three parts but when it was time to make the second part, he (Kelani) said he wouldn’t give me anything out of the proceeds of the movie again.

“Till today, I have not gotten anything else from the movie,” he said in the interview.

He added that the matter can only be resolved if the children of both parties decide to go to court.

Hear him: “It cannot be resolved unless we go to court and make a lot of noise publicly. However, I don’t want anything to disturb me.

“I am not ready to go to court with him but our children may decide to do that in future.

“Our children are more exposed and they may want to exert their rights over the movie later.”

Ti Oluwa Ni Ile tells the story of greedy men who sold ancestral land in spite of warning about grave consequences.

It also stars Dele Odule, Oyin Adejobi, Jide Oyegunle and Yemi Shodimu.

Baba Wande also features in other Mainframe productions like Ayọ Ni Mo Fẹ, Abeni and Arugba.