Tribal marks model Adetutu OJ confesses she’d rather sell nudes than beg online

Tribal mark model Adetutu OJ Adetutu Alabi

Popular tribal marks’ model Adetutu OJ has revealed she would rather sell her nude videos and pictures than beg online for survival.

The model said this while responding to criticism from her fans on Snapchat on Tuesday.

She also revealed that she has been going through hard times recently, trying to cater for herself and her 12-year-old child.

“You added me on Snapchat to spy and asking why I am into online sex work. How is it your business Mr scamming a** nig**? I don’t really have to explain the bills and responsibilities I am saddled with. I am a sole single (sic) mum of a 12-year old child,” she said.

“Brands don’t really care as models with tribals marks, most are just famzing me because Rihanna followed me.

“Stop asking me silly questions about how I struggle to survive and famzing me. I will rather sell my nudes and videos to survive than beg on the internet.”

Adetutu became quite popular in 2018 when American singer Rihanna followed her on Instagram.