Model with tribal marks Adetutu OJ reveals she has uterine fibroid

Tribal mark model Adetutu OJ Adetutu Alabi

Nigerian model Adetutu OJ who is famous for her tribal marks has revealed that she has uterine fibroid.

In a Facebook post, Adetutu said she found out about the sickness few days after her birthday.

She also said she was scared of undergoing a surgery and decided to opt for herbs to cure her.

“Few days after my birthday found out I have uterine fibroid (a 33 x 28mm on the left of the uterine fundus) and I am scared of ab? (surgery),” she wrote on Monday.

“So I went to my alagbo and got some herbs that I have started using. I believe so much in herbs and roots and the herbs will help me. Just saving this here for future reference.”

Adetutu became famous when US popstar Rihanna followed her on Instagram.

She is vocal about issues regarding women’s rights and body positivity.

Comedian Woli Arole on November 25 celebrated Adetutu and others with tribal marks.