Transitioning from Ade Tiger to Adigun in Anikulapo series was huge shocker – Titi Kuti

Actor Titi Kuti, known for his memorable portrayal as Ade Tiger in Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys, has disclosed that transitioning from a political thug in the Netflix series to the character of a local hunter named Adigun in Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre was a huge shocker.

Titi said this in a recent interview with Punch in which he expressed that the role exceeded his expectations, prompting numerous fans to flood his social media platforms seeking confirmation of his portrayal as Adigun in the series.

The actor said switching from the character Ade Tiger to Adigun and matching the dedication he gave in portraying the character as he did in King of Boys was a huge shocker.

He said: “It was actually a huge shocker, bigger than I imagined, many of them come on my social media daily to verify if it truly was me in Anikulapo. The experience while filming was totally worth every sacrifice.

“The entire filming took about 87 days to shoot. I put the same level of commitment as I did for King of Boys (if not more this time), I was totally immersed in the character from day 1 and stayed there all through, I was Adigun when offset until the very end (I remember Taiwo Hassan, Ogogo’s reaction when we shot our first scene together in the palace, he said ‘I was worried for you initially, but I see you came ready.”

Speaking on the challenges on set, he said: “There were lots of challenging points but we all stuck together like one family from start to finish, looking after one another. This is what we have to give every time as actors, surrendering ourselves to become different characters just to give the audience an experience. I will do it again anytime I am called. It’s a life of service.

“Total shock and disbelief, the makeover was incredible (great work from the special effects and make-up team), Adigun and Ade Tiger are also two extreme ends of opposite spectrums, nothing similar at all, two completely different types of films, and then there is the Yoruba thing with me speaking ancient dialect and all.

“I am not really sure which they find surprising the most or if it is all of it put together but the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and I am honoured to once again give the fans an experience.”