Toyin Lawani’s husband promises to ‘leak private videos, photos’ on birthday

Toyin Lawani

Celebrity photographer Segun Wealth, husband of reality star Toyin Lawani, also known as Tiannah, has added releasing private videos and photos on his ‘to do list’ in celebration of his birthday.

Segun joked about leaking the videos and photos in an Instagram post on Thursday with a “Birthday to do list”.

The list read: “Release my sex tape by mistake (performance must be great).

“Come online to cry and accuse someone for it (crying must be emotional and non stop).

“Come online to talk about how it happened.

“Come online to advice people.

“Mistakenly release my nudes ( clean shave with oiled skin).

“Come back online to cry that people are wicked and non repentant.

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“Release another sex tape with good performance. By this time should have become a celebrity and move on with and move on with a fake lifestyle till make it (good job).”

Reacting to the list, Toyin who laughed off her husband’s list, added: “My husbands Birthday to do list @segun_wealth you forgot to write you will drag toyin lawani Shey you people think lI’m cray ehn This man is cray cray.”

Toyin and her husband often joke around on social media. They have a child together.

Toyin Lawani has two other children Tiannah and Tenola from her previous relationships.