Tobi Amusan defends Jamaican coach from Nigerian who called her bogus

Tobi Amusan and coach Lacena Golding-Clarke

World record holder in the 100m women hurdles Tobi Amusan has defended her coach Lacena Golding-Clarke after a Nigerian called her “bogus”.

Amusan made a special shout-out to her coach on Thursday via Instagram and shared a private conversation they had.

In the conversation, Golding-Clarke wrote, “I did an interview with a Jamaican radio, and someone from Nigeria called and said I am bogus, and I do not coach you!”

Amusan responded, “The someone is mad!! Why would he say that?? Is he blind, deaf or just rose from the dead?? I’m so sorry mam. You are my coach, the WR holder’s coach.”

Praising her coach in the caption, the Ijebu Ode-born star wrote, “Best in bluntness & realness; From you ma, I have learned STRENGTH, DETERMINATION, SELF DISCIPLINE & RESPECT amongst many others. Mrs Clarke, I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to helping me pursue my goals & for all of your inspiring lessons.”

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Amusan listed questions her coach gets from people and does not get offended. She said some persons ask when she started coaching and if they were teammates.

“To my behind the scene warrior, solid and selfless woman, thank you ma,” the 26-year-old said, asking her fans to also show gratitude to the Jamaican.

Amusan and her coach have been together since 2016. Born on March 20, 1975, Golding-Clarke represented Jamaica as a hurdling athlete at the Olympics in 1996, 2000 and 2004, and took part in the World Championships on five separate occasions.