Timeline of P-Square/Jude Okoye split drama

P-Square Jude Okoye

Nigeria’s most famous singing twin, P-Square, are presently going through a management crisis and it has fans worried.

Peter Okoye, the more vocal one of the duo, went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday saying he no longer wants a business relationship with their older brother and manager, Jude Okoye.

Whether it is Peter vs. Paul and Jude Okoye or Peter vs. only Paul, there always seems to be a problem with the three brothers.

While the media and fans are still trying to make sense of what might have gone wrong this time, we look back at a timeline of the P-Square/Jude Okoye split drama.

The genesis

What looked like an imminent break-up started in November 2013 when Peter Okoye got married to his children’s mother, Lola Omotayo on November 17. Jude did not attend the wedding with reports claiming that the Okoyes wanted nothing to do with Lola. Although the twins’ publicist, Bayo Adetu, said Jude was missing at the wedding at the time because he was stuck in Ghana, other sources reported that the manager was in Nigeria but refused to attend. Most reports claim that Peter is always furious at Jude because he disrespects his wife. Since then, a possible breakup has been trailing the famous brothers.

The breakup

April 2014 hit the media like a shock wave as the singing duo were reported to have separated from being a group. Jude Okoye tweeted then, “After 10 years of hard work. It’s over, I’m done.” Reports started swirling that the brothers had even employed a lawyer to split their property and music rights.

The makeup

On April 25, 2014, the brothers shared different tweets that suggested that all was well with Squared Records. Even Paul’s wife, Anita Isime, joined in on sharing the news that, “Family is everything”. In an interview with Vanguard in May of the same year, Peter confirmed that there was a fight but it had been settled.

“We just had minor quarrel just like everyone who has siblings would. We fight and we makeup; we fought many times last year but we still go on stage and perform and nobody knows. I can’t come out and say Paul and I have never fought. It’s like a couple who has been married for over 20years would come out and say they have never fought,” he said.

Another crisis

In April 2015, Paul hinted that there was trouble in paradise when he shared a list of songs that were written and produced solely by him. Since the matter did not escalate, Nigerians took it in good faith that they would work it out.

Different organisations

Instead of having things together like they used to over 10 years ago, the brothers now have different establishments. Jude first created Northside Inc. signing dancehall act, Cynthia Morgan. Peter went on to do a reality show tagged Dance with Peter while Paul created his own Music label called, Rude Boy Records, which recently signed a new artiste, Muno.