Tiger Woods sued over death of restaurant employee

Tiger Woods

Golf icon, Tiger Woods, has been sued by parents of a bartender, Nicholas Immesberger, who worked at his Florida restaurant, The Woods Jupiter.

Mr Immesberger died last December aged 24 in a car accident.

His parents say their son had worked as a bartender and had been over-served alcohol on the day of his death.

Woods had recently been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House by President Donald Trump after an incredible comeback Masters win.

TMZ reports that the restaurant’s manager, Erica Herman, who is Woods’s girlfriend, recruited Immesberger.

It also said that after his shift on December 10, Immesberger stayed back at The Woods where he was allegedly served to the point of “severe intoxication” before being sent out to his car.

Immesberger lost control of his car that evening while driving home and crashed, dying in the process.

The family claims Woods and Herman knew Immesberger had a habitual problem with alcohol but allowed him to be served anyway.

They are seeking medical costs, funeral damages and other “appropriate damages” at Palm Beach County, Florida, US.