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The mind wanders over the things one has to be thankful for. The appreciative song from Sunday School still rings true.

I am so glad that Jesus loves me

Jesus loves me

Jesus loves me

Air is still free and my lungs work fine. Food comes at a price but my alimentary establishment can still dine. Now that is something worth being appreciative of. I have been in prison but only as a doctor and been at the soccer stadium but never as a player yet life is good all round.

I live in a country that is safe and tolerant and I am appreciative of that.

I feel another Sunday school banger coming up

Count your blessings

Name them one by one

And it will surprise you what the Lord has done

Sometimes I am not quite sure which one shaped me more; the Sunday school or the primary school. But whenever I try to look back over my life I get flashbacks  to when we sang and clapped sitting on wooden benches in church. They taught us not to worry because He’s got the whole world in His hands.

The thought of driverless cars and planes freak me out. Checking into first class on a flight with no pilot seems like a bad idea but we all live on a planet in flight with no obvious driver. Sixty seven thousand miles an hour around the sun is pretty quick. Who in space is on hand to give our planet a speeding ticket if it accelerates past a traffic camera? I am so full of gratitude that my early teachers allayed that bit of anxiety with that song about whose hands the world sits in.

Health, fitness, and a positive mental attitude have to be acknowledged at possessions I am privileged to have. I have dreams and that in itself is not an entitlement but a favour bestowed on one by God. In a world full of hopelessness and frustration, anyone who looks into the future with a desire to see something beautiful hued out of the shapeless granite that blocks the entrance to the cave of their captivity is blessed. We chisel away, piece by piece, marching towards the vision in our mind’s eye paying no regards to the aching fingers and strained back. Colossal tasks met with extraordinary faith will always produce the miraculous.

It is a blessing to work with one’s hands and to inspire others to work with their own hands.

Family are a blessing. I always wondered what it would feel like to have another human being call me daddy. Now I know. It is an honour to have children who watch you around the clock and make you aspire to act out all the ideas and postulations you sprout while sitting on the armchair. Having people you feel accountable to is a blessing.

There are other minor things though. I am so glad I don’t have to carry pregnancies. When one is practising to get to one hundred push-ups, a baby bump would be nothing short of a distracting obstruction.

Anatomically, the site of the nose is the best place ever. What if the sense of smell was in our bottoms? Imagine you date sniffing at the soup by turning around and throwing her skirt up!

The body is a well designed edifice and the male versions have no dysmenorrhoea. That is something worth thanking God for.