Bring coronavirus patients in isolation centre for prayer – TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet T.B. Joshua, has called on governments and international bodies to get coronavirus patients in isolation centres connected to his Emmanuel TV cable channel in order for them to receive divine healing.

He stated this in a statement posted on his YouTube channel on Tuesday.

“We want to encourage our communities, states, local and international bodies, medical doctors, scientists and the people in charge to organise those who are in isolation and let us arrange how to connect them to us on Emmanuel TV,” he said.

“The blessing of Jesus is for those who knock and ask,” he continued, adding, “In whatever way you support to make this happen, we are a team; we are not doing more than you.”

Quoting the Biblical reference in Luke 4:40 where Jesus healed, he further said: “Together we shall pray for them. Together we shall be set free from this COVID-19.

“The same anointing that heals one is also able to heal all at the same time.”

Since beginning its ‘interactive prayer’ – in which prayer is offered via video calls – Joshua’s ministry has prayed for COVID-19 patients from around the world including citizens of USA, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Honduras and Cuba.

Last week, the World Health Organisation acknowledged that “spiritual leadership is very important in a time like this” in reaction to a trending video in which a Cameroonian medical doctor was ‘healed’ from COVID-19 after receiving ‘interactive prayer’ from Joshua’s ministry.