TB Joshua: Global recognition for a man of God

By Dr. Imoro Goodrich Kubor

The 12th June is a special day. It is the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It is the day of celebration all over the world in recognition of the great man of God Prophet T. B. Joshua, a citizen of Nigeria by birth and a citizen of the world.


President Umaru Yar’Adua recognised him for bringing hundreds of thousands of religious tourist to Nigeria. The President gave him a national honour. Today, tourists visit the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), Ikotun Egbe in Lagos, on a weekly basis, thus contributing in no small way to the GDP of Nigeria.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the minister of tourism should now recognise this great man of God and give him another national honour higher than the one from Yar’Adua.

Prophet T.B. Joshua is the greatest philanthropist on earth today. No African organisation has cared for victims of disaster like Prophet T.B. Joshua.

SCOAN was the only relief organisation from Africa during the flood disaster in the country of Haiti. The prophet sent relief personnel to Haiti almost immediately, built a relief centre, provided doctors and nurses in that country for months after the disaster. The Emmanuel TV team was the only team from Nigeria in Haiti.

One year ago, disaster hit the country of Philippine. Prophet T.B. Joshua’s team was the only relief team in that country. The prophet sent doctors and nurses to that country immediately; he provided relief materials and medical treatment for the grieving people of the Philippines. Again Prophet T. B. Joshua’s SCOAN was the only visible African relief agency in the country of the Philippines

In every nook and cranny of the earth, Prophet T. B. Joshua’s team provides relief materials to poor communities, i.e. Ukraine, Russia, United States of America, all countries of Africa, India, etc.

In fact, T.B. Joshua is the unsung philanthropist on earth and I believe Nigeria should celebrate this man now. The Federal Ministry of Tourism should now collaborate with Prophet T. B. Joshua in the area of religious tourism.

Prophet T. B. Joshua’s uniting effect for Africa and Nigeria in particular is there for everybody to see.

The prophet sent hundreds of thousands of bags of rice in trailers to the homes of the destitute in Lagos, Kaduna, Borno, Niger, Ondo, etc. His care for the elderly is unprecedented in Nigeria and Africa. T.B. Joshua is the real ambassador of Nigeria to Ghana. T.B. Joshua’s philanthropy in Ghana is unprecedented. In fact, both the government of Ghana and Nigeria should give him accolades.

Prophet T.B. Joshua has a team in Ghana that provides relief to all the villages and destitute communities year in year out.

The Prophet T.B. Joshua Scholarship Scheme covers the whole world. Today, widows and widowers from Nigeria take their children to SCOAN to partake in this scholarship scheme.  From primary school to university, the prophet has scholarship for all manner of destitute and orphans. Some of the scholarships lead up to PhD in Nigerian universities and in universities in the United Kingdom, United States and all over the world. T.B. Joshua is producing new scholars in Universities of London, Cambridge. The Scholarships are given to people from all over the world.

The impact of this scholarship in primary and secondary schools in Nigeria in particularly is unparalleled. Visit the synagogue and you will be amazed by this great philanthropic activity. T.B. Joshua is today providing scholarships in Nigeria more than many states put together. How can the ministry in charge of social welfare not recognise the impact of this great man of God? The Federal Ministry of Education has been silent on the impact of Prophet T.B. Joshua in the area of education. It is time for the ministry to praise this man. Yearly, Prophet T.B. Joshua invites destitute from all over Nigeria for to SCOAN for a meeting. The blind, the lame, the wounded, the sick all come to SCOAN for this meeting. They all have meals with T.B. Joshua. He counsels them and provides each destitute more than the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Disabled sportsmen and women representing Nigeria in international competitions come to SCOAN for tickets, allowances, etc. Even the Super Eagles and the Golden Eaglets are given support by Prophet T.B. Joshua. Today, President Jonathan honours politicians and other people whose contribution to Nigeria are mostly doubtful.

A man like T.B. Joshua should be given the highest honour available in Nigeria.

SCOAN, Ikotun Egbe in Lagos is the greatest hospital in the world today. What kind of minister of health do we have that does not recognise this? Do we believe that because it is a spiritual hospital, it does not need recognition? All manner of sick people from all over the world including presidents and prime ministers of different countries come to SCOAN for healing. Is the government of Nigeria not aware of this?

It is time to recognise this great man of God and his contributions to the economy of Nigeria. Government should publicly honour this man of God.

Happy birthday Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Kubor is a retired federal permanent secretary.