Stop bullying people because of their political choices, Segun Arinze tells Nigerians

Segun Arinze

President of the Association of Voiceover Artists of Nigeria (AVOA) Segun Arinze has called on Nigerians to stop bullying others because of their political choices.

The former president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) made the call in a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

He tagged the message “Politics is not war”.

According to Segun Arinze, “politics is about the people and their interests.

“Politics is all about choices.

“Your choice might not be mine and mine might not be yours but whoever you decide to support is within your fundamental right.”

The man nicknamed Black Arrow for his role in Chico Ejiro’s Silent Night then asked “why the hate?”

Reflecting on where Nigeria is as a country, he continued: “What we need now is love, not war.

“Let’s be kind to one another.

“Let’s stop bullying people because of their preferences and choices. That is not politics. That is foolhardy.

“Nigerians, we are at a crossroads and we must get it right this time.

“Make a choice. Decide whoever it is you want and let there be peace.

“Nigeria will be great again.

“One love Nigeria.”