Star Lager reaffirms support for Nigerian football

Nigeria’s first indigenous beer brand, Star Lager Beer, has reiterated its support for Nigerian football.

In February, Star Lager announced its new partnership agreement with the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) which saw Star Lager become the Official Beer of the Super Eagles.

The partnership would provide support to players and coaching crews, as well as premium satisfaction to over 180 million passionate fans that will be cheering the Super Eagles and other National Teams before, during and after their international matches.

The Nigerian national football team played its first official match in October 1949 while the country was still under British rule. Interestingly, the very first bottle of Star Lager beer rolled off the bottling lines of the Lagos brewery of Nigerian Breweries Plc, a Heineken company, in June 1949.

Over the years Star lager beer has massively invested in the growth of Nigerian Football at all levels and has been known for its strong support of Nigerian football fans. The premium beer brand which is a staple in pubs and bars around the country remains a pioneer brand, exemplifying its pride in being the first lager brewed in Nigeria.

With a focus on long-term commitment, this partnership will support Nigerian football to reach its full potential by developing, and over time leveraging other football assets. It also provides an opportunity to celebrate the true Nigerian spirit that is fuelled by patriotism, passion and desire for victory, through the platform of football.

Known for making bold statements with its sponsorships and partnerships, Star Lager has a longstanding claim to football so it was only natural to prove its love for the beautiful game by being the official beer sponsor of the Super Eagles. This would assure fans of innovative developments and exciting activities in the years to come.

Speaking on the sponsorship, Marketing Director Nigerian Breweries Plc., Franco Maria Maggi said “A partnership like this is meant to push Nigerian football forward and open up great things for fans and lovers of the Star brand. For us at Nigerian Breweries, this partnership offers an opportunity to engage and reward our consumers, who also happen to be supporters of the Super Eagles, by delivering unforgettable experiences.”

Also commenting on the partnership deal, Portfolio Manager National Premium, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Yinka Bakare said, “Star Lager Beer is a consumer-focused brand… a listening brand. We know how passionate Nigerians are about good football and we are excited about this partnership. Our focus is on a long-term commitment that will support Nigerian football to reach its full potential. For this, we are thrilled to offer our expertise developed over time leveraging other football assets”.

The mention of great footballing nations in Africa is incomplete without the Super Eagles of Nigeria, who are three-time champions of the continent. The team’s image has undergone much evolution throughout its history. For example, before the nation’s independence, they were called the Red Devils because of their red-topped kits. The name was later changed to the Green Eagles after independence in reference to the Nigerian state flag as well as the eagle which represents the country’s coat of arms.

To continue deepening customer engagement in Nigeria among football lovers, Star Lager had previously partnered with the NPFL, Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, and more recently the NFF. Star also signed partnership deals with six European clubs, including FC Barcelona, Arsenal, Juventus, Real Madrid, PSG and Manchester City.

This commendable record of active involvement in football development is why Star Lager’s sponsorship of the Super Eagles team further proves the deliberate effort by the brand to strengthen and deepen the relationship with Nigerian football fans. Going forward, a bottle of Star would symbolize more than just another lager, and would now signify a communion between a fan and the national pride, history and colours of their country of birth.