Sola Sobowale trends on social media as ‘japa’ ambassador

Sola Sobowale

Nollywood actress and King of Boys star Sola Sobowale is currently trending on social media as ‘japa’ ambassador.

This happened shortly after Nigerians created a meme from her iconic scene in the movie (king of Boys: The Return of the King) where she raised a glass, toasting to a ‘new dispensation’

Several Instagram and Twitter users shared photos of the meme, saying that the picture serves as a new hope for Nigerian youths and those who wish to travel abroad.

While some Nigerians acknowledge her impact and legacy in the industry, others teased that the picture should be included in the Nigerian passport.

The director of the film Kemi Adetiba also shared Instagram photos of the meme and tweets on Tuesday.

“Can’t wait to use this trending meme in my next birthday or when I start my next project,” she wrote.

Kemi also gave a shout out to Sola for creating an iconic moment on screen.

Since the release of the Netflix’s film, the 57-year-old has received praises and international recognition for her role as Eniola Salami.