Skales scolds wife over tribute to late mum


Singer Skales has criticised his wife Precious for paying tribute to his mother on social media days after the latter’s death.

The ‘Must Shine’ star made the announcement in a Instagram post on Tuesday October 25, where he posted an old video his mum singing and dancing.

Five days after the death announcement, precious penned down a tribute to Skales’ mother on Instagram, revealing that it took her some time to recover from the news of her death.

She wrote; “Took me a while to recover from this mama, you will forever be missed. I’ll miss playing with your cheeks, I will miss you telling me my dress is too short, who will call me “my pikin”? “I love you but God loves you more mama. I’ll miss all the times we spent, I’ll always miss taking care of you, and now I will definitely gisting with you, but it is well. Goodnight queen”.

Reacting to the tribute in a now deleted Instagram post on Sunday, an angry Skales asked his wife to take down the post.

“Take this post down, show this same care in real life. Stop doing this for the gram. Don’t get me angry,” he wrote.

This comes days after the music artiste advised his followers against marrying a heartless person.

Skales and his wife got married in a private ceremony in Lagos last year.

In June 2019, Skales revealed that his late mother was a victim of sexual abuse and molestation by his father.

Born Raoul John Njeng-Njeng in Kaduna State, the 31-year-old Edo indigene adopted the stage name Skales which is an acronym for ‘Seek Knowledge Acquire Large Entrepreneurial Skills’.