Show promoter lied, Sisi Quadri didn’t secure US visa before death – Funmi Awelewa

Actress Funmi Awelewa has said that show promoter, Olawale Babalola of Fathia Entertainment, lied about Sisi Quadri securing a US visa before his death.

Recall that Olawale in an Instagram post on Saturday, claimed that Sisi was granted the visa and a date had already been fixed for him to travel to the US for a show.

Posting his picture on Instagram, the promoter wrote: “So sad to hear the death of Nollywood actor @iamsisiquadir US visa was already Approved. date fixed already. Who are we to question God.”

His claim was, however, countered by Funmi Awelewa who in an Instagram post on Friday, called the show promoter a liar and accused the agency of scamming people of their hard-earned money.

Funmi’s outburst came after the show promoter announced that the 9jafest Music and Comedy Concert which Sisi Quadri was purportedly supposed to attend has been postponed due to his death.

According to Funmi, Sisi Quadri never went to the embassy and was not granted any visa before his demise.

“@fathiaentertainments_showbiz stop chasing clout with @iamsisiquadir death It’s unfair! He never went to the embassy talk less of getting a USA Visa before the sudden death.

“Stop this thing. The family are mourning We are mourning and you’re deceiving your gullible followers that you shifted the event cuz of him. Respect yourself self sir. I have all proves,” she wrote.

Still expressing her anger, the actress continued: “The fact that I’m aiming towards building a scandal-free name and I’ve been quiet for a lil period doesn’t mean I’m a fool. Let’s respect the Dead and stop this b#llshit.

@fathiaentertainments_showbiz You Dey shift event wey non of the applicants never enter embassy go face consular officer.

“FYI: Sisi Quadri isn’t just my colleague but Blood from Iwo town. He is my family, my brother and my colleague. Don’t forget I’m also aware of everything. Chase your fvking clout with Sense Sir! RIP Egbon mi, Ifemi, Enikeji, Alabaro mi.”

Funmi tackled Olawale again in another post, saying that she will continue to call out the agency no matter the cost.

She wrote: “Since you want to start to acting smart… I’ll so draggggggg your d#rty ass Wule Bouncer. I’m sure by now many of you know that I’m not an a$$ kisser in the industry. Mio ran Iya yin rara. Ise owo mi ni mo nje. Even if I no feature for film, I gallant💪 To those calling me… Mio ni pick e… I di$like people with a deceitful lip.”