What everyone should know about 2face, baby mamas, children

2baba 2face Idibia

The ongoing Idibia family saga has left fans wondering what would become of 2Face and Annie Idibia’s marriage following the cheating allegation made against him by his wife.

The award-winning singer amongst other titles has been called the ‘Abraham’ of our time following the number of children and baby mamas he has.

Qed.ng compiled a list of all 2Face’s baby mamas, children and when they were born.

Before he married Annie Idibia in 2012, 2Face once had a relationship with Sunmbo Adeoye, who bore him two children, two boys Zion and Nino. The ex-lovers met while she was attending Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) as an undergraduate. Sumbo became pregnant while they were dating but she allegedly claimed the baby belonged to another man who married her. The marriage crashed after she gave birth to the child who is a carbon copy of 2Face Idibia.

Sunmbo went back to 2Face Idibia’s house and they began living together. While there, she gave birth to another son. Their relationship ended around 2009 after news came out that 2Face Idibia has impregnated other women(Pero Adeniyi and Annie). While 2Face was out of the country, Sumbo packed her belongings and moved out of the house with her two children.

She is now married to David Adeoye, a resident pastor of the Royalty Christain Centre Agege, Lagos.

Next on the baby mama’s list is Pero Adeniyi, daughter of Chief Jide Adeniyi, a billionaire businessman and chairman of Poatson Group of Companies. 2face dated Pero in 2005 after an armed robbery attack in his then Festac apartment left him and his siblings injured and traumatised. Pero and 2Face have three children together, a daughter named Ehibenzy Rose Idibia (born in 2006) and two sons named Innocent (born in 2012) and Justin Idibia (born in 2013).

Pero was reportedly married at the time she met 2Face, she allegedly abandoned her ex-husband Tunde Borokinni, a New York-based businessman, to become 2Face’s lover.

Annie Idibia’s involvement with 2Face first came to public notice after he featured her in the music video of his 2004 hit song ‘African Queen’ alongside actress Yvonne Jegede, which was before he allegedly started dating Pero.

Annie gave birth to their first daughter together Isabella Idibia in 2008, two years after Pero gave birth to her first daughter Ehibenzy.

A few years later, on Valentine’s day of 2012, 2Face Idibia proposed to Annie at the now-defunct Club 10 owned by retired footballer, Austin Jay Jay Okocha. On January 3, 2014, Annie Idibia gave birth to her second daughter with 2face named Olivia Idibia.

Pero’s first son Innocent was born the same year 2Face and Annie Idibia got engaged, the news however got Annie Idibia upset as she took to social media to express her feelings.

In 2018, Annie and Pero were seen together, fans believed that they had reconciled their differences, 2Face also wrote a public apology to Annie, promising to stay faithful to her moving forward.

The couple allegedly lived a peaceful life until on Thursday night when Annie accused 2Face of spending nights at Pero’s house and disrespecting their marriage.

2Face and Pero are yet to react to the allegations, but the singer’s brother, Charles, has reacted severally, calling Annie Idibia a ‘liar’ and a ‘disrespecful’ woman.