Patience Ozokwo calls out Instagram user impersonating her

Actress Patience Ozokwo has called out an Instagram user impersonating her.

In an Instagram post on Thursday January 13, the 63-year-old shared a screenshot of the fake account named Patience Ozokwo, asking fans to report the page.

“Fake account, please report,” she wrote.

This came days after actress Mo Bimpe cried out over a fake Instagram account impersonating her.

In an Instagram post on January 11, the newly wed wrote: “Pls report this fake page @adefits_justwearit impersonating my business page. The impersonator @adefits_justwearit opened a page with the same name we used, same BIO, and uses all our contents, I chatted him up gently but all he could say was he needs followers and won’t change his handle. PLEASE REPORT THIS FAKE PAGE FOR ME FAM , he’s really affecting my business negatively.

In another post, the actress wrote: “He went to open another FAKE page, Please report adefits_and_justwearit_backup, THE SAME GUY OPENED THE FAKE PAGE after the page we reported was taken down. Swipe to see hubby’s chat with himHE HAS BLOCKED ME AND HUBBY.”