Shan George takes swipe at ladies bleaching

Shan George

Actress Shan George has criticised ladies who bleach their skin.

The light-skinned actress in an Instagram post on Wednesday said that there is no gain in bleaching one’s skin as it does not make one rich or provide a partner.

“After all that bleaching, now you don yellow sotay we dey see all your veins and nerves in green and red colours, you still never see husband, you never become rich, nor have you got any titles/degrees. Wetin you gain?” she wrote.

In an earlier post, the 50-year-old mocked Christians who post pictures of themselves in church saying that they are not without sin.

“If you keep posting pictures of when you were in church making me think you are holy, please, remember to also posy hat of when you are committing sin, to let me know I’m wrong. You ain’t holy,” she wrote with a laughing emoji.