Shan George slams those reporting Instagram account

Actress Shan George has slammed those reporting her Instagram account.

The 52-year-old took to the social media platform to vent about how some unknown persons have been reporting her Instagram account.

According to Shan, the account is being reported over what she may have said on the photo-sharing app.

“Why una dey so wicked? Why not focus on your own work and growth? Una dey report my page, say because I said or did you what wrong really? What’s your gain from being so eveil? Live and let others live,” she wrote.

In an Instagram post on February 2022, Shan George tackled those who refused to follow her back on the social media platform.

She said: “Dear celebrities I dey follow you but you follow me back with your fan page instead of your real page. Celebrity status dies but the love wey we love you no fit die. Show love back you won’t die.”