Stop hating on me over celebrity status, Shan George blows hot

Actress Shan George has warned against hating on her because of her celebrity status.

The 53-year-old expressed her feelings in an Instagram post on Monday, in which she shared what appears to be a conversation between her and someone else.

In the screenshot she shared, Shan was referred to as a celebrity but she responded by saying she did not give herself the title and should not be hated because of that.

“I no call myself celebrity o, na you give me that name. I’m just a village pikin with a TV job. Stop hating on me for a name that God, my parents and I didn’t give myself. #Shangeorge,” she wrote.

Shan once said that those who do not acknowledge her or render help during her time of need should not post her pictures when she dies.

Addressing those whom she called frenemies, Shan George in a 2022 video shared on Instagram said: “The hate wey just dey fly against each other, wanting to eliminate each other, sweep each other. See, if you no dey post my picture now wey I dey alive, wey I dey struggle, wey I dey hustle, wey I dey pray make God bless the hustle of my work. You dey see me pass, you dey show me hate.

“Not even my family, not even children, nobody dey your mind to ever help. When I die you come post my picture, I go wake up pursue you. No post my picture ooo. If you dey show me hate now, no post my picture when I die.”