Fan teases Emma Nyra with Seyi Shay Instagram hack joke

Emma Nyra

Following the claim by singer, Seyi Shay, that her Instagram account was hacked, a fan has teased fellow singer, Emma Nyra, about it after she shared some swimsuit photos on Instagram.

Emma, 31, had shared the photos on Friday when the fan wondered if her account had also been hacked but the singer replied that it was indeed she who had shared the photos.

The fan, with username, @youngkingever, wrote, ” It’s like emmanyra acct has been hacked like Sheyi Shay or wat?”

“No. It’s all me,” replied the singer whose real name is Emma Obi.

Some revealing pictures of Seyi Shay had been shared on Instagram on Friday.

The singer later released a statement, claiming her Instagram account was hacked and the photos leaked.