Sex scandal: Stephanie Otobo drags Apostle Suleman to police

Stephanie Otobo Apostle Johnson Suleman accuser

Stephanie Otobo, the woman who claims she had an amorous relationship with the overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Johnson Suleman, has formally filed a petition asking the police to investigate multiple allegations against the preacher.

In a letter to the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, Ms Otobo, 23, accused the clergyman popularly known as Apostle Suleman of illegal procurement of abortion, threat to life, and attempted murder.

“That sometime in June 2015, Apostle Suleman Johnson and I started an amorous relationship in far away Canada. The relationship was nurtured by Apostle Suleman who inundated me with cash gifts and pleasure trips all over Europe,” Otobo stated in the petition dated March 13.

“In particular, I was invited by Apostle Suleman to join him for his crusade that was held in 2015 at Napoli, Italy, the full expenses for the trip was paid for by the gentleman. While in Napoli, Apostle Suleman would preach and do “miracle” in the day time and take the much needed rest in my bosom at night.

“Napoli was our love nest for three good days and after the crusade Apostle Suleman left Napoli and I also returned to Canada.”

Otobo’s petition came days after she told journalists at a press conference that her relationship with Suleman ended after the preacher began to insist he wanted to have sex with her and another woman at the same time.

It also came a week after she was arraigned by the police before a Chief Magistrate Court in Lagos on a four-count charge of terrorism, fraud, and blackmail.

She denied the charges.

Shortly after the Napoli experience, she continued in her petition, she said she discovered she was pregnant for Apostle Suleman.

“I called my lover to inform him of the pregnancy but Apostle Suleman was not particularly excited about the news rather he requested that I should come to Nigeria,” the woman said.

“Based on Apostle Suleman’s instruction I left Canada for Nigeria to meet Apostle Suleman. It is important to note that despite the amorous relationship, I saw Apostle Suleman like a father figure who takes care of me and to whom I was extremely obedient to.

“I arrived Nigeria on the 25th of August, 2015 and clandestine arrangement was made for the two of us to meet and consequently, I met Apostle Suleman at Definite Destiny Hotel, beside Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos State. It was at the hotel that I was given a concoction to drink by Apostle Suleman who told me that the concoction was for my spiritual fortification.

“But in less than ten minutes after drinking the concoction, I started vomiting blood and passing out blood. Apostle Suleman then gave me pills to stop the blood though the blood did not stop immediately but the pain subsided and the pregnancy was gone.

“I was devastated by the development and Apostle Suleman gave me cash gifts in three different currencies, to wit; Euro, Dollars and Naira to console and compensate me for the loss of the pregnancy. I could not come to terms with the facts that the man that claimed to love me and promised to marry me, could procure abortion for me without my consent which could have led to my death.

“Unfortunately Apostle Suleman did not stop at procuring abortion for me without my consent but also in a desperate bid to keep the amorous relationship between him and I a secret not known to his teeming followers, Apostle Suleman invented various devices to bully and threaten my life.”

She called on the police to investigate her claims.

“I plead with you, in the course of your investigation, to confirm the exchange of all our text messages from the networks, forensic analysis of all the nude pictures we both sent to ourselves (and whether they are, indeed, photo-shopped or authentic), our international passports to confirm the dates and times of our travels, investigation concerning the hotels we slept together both in and out of Nigeria and bank accounts to confirms the transfers of funds.”

Suleman dismisses her claims.

His wife stands by him.