Ruth Kadiri knocks Ekiti chef Damilola Adeparusi on cooking mission to surpass Hilda Baci

Ruth Kadiri

Actress Ruth Kadiri has criticised Ekiti-based chef Damilola Adeparusi who is on a mission to set a new world record for the longest cooking by an individual.

News of Adeparusi’s effort broke on Friday and was received with lack of excitement by many on social media as her attempt comes less than a month after chef Hilda Bassey aka Hilda Baci completed her yet-to-be-verified cook-a-thon in 100 hours.

Photos and videos of the Ekiti chef in her kitchen have been shared multiple times on social media.

Adeparusi’s critics have also made an issue out of the rumour that she switched off her gas cooker to pick beans.

Registering her displeasure at the Ekiti chef, Ruth claimed on Instagram Story on Saturday that Nigerians only realise they are capable of doing something only after someone else has done it.

“They won’t think for themselves. The moment you do it, everyone starts realizing they can do it too,” the 35-year-old said in the now-deleted post.

“They can’t even wait for her euphoria to settle. Meet Nigerians, my people.”