Priscilla Ojo, Enioluwa ignite social media with affectionate video

Priscilla Ojo Iyabo Ojo daughter

Priscilla Ojo, daughter of actress Iyabo Ojo, and her friend Enioluwa Adeoluwa, the social media influencer known for his love for food, have raised eyebrows again with their display of affection on social media.

Enioluwa shared a video on Instagram Story in the late hours of Thursday, June 13 showing the pair having a good time as Priscilla embraces him from behind, touching his face and pulling him closer. The footage was captured at an event in Zaza Lagos where chef Hilda Baci was launching a new menu.

Interestingly, Priscilla uploaded the footage on Instagram Story also but cut out the part where she embraced her friend from behind.

Enioluwa and Priscilla sparked dating rumour in 2023, but Priscilla was quick to clarify their relationship status, asserting that they were just close friends.

In a social media post, she said: “Seen a lot of posts saying we aren’t friends bla bla bla and we are dating ish but we are using friendship methods to cover up, how??? A lot of y’all don’t have genuine male friends and it shows. Everything isn’t about sex grow up! @lipglossbaby it’s a forever thing over here.”

Priscilla also reiterated her stance in an interview with Punch, firmly dispelling any dating rumour.

Enioluwa, who has also been linked romantically to Hilda Baci, similarly refuted the rumour in a January interview on Channel TV’s The Morning Brief.

He said, “Priscilla and I are very good friends. We spend a lot of time together. Hilda Baci and I are friends. Hilda is in a public relationship.”

Despite their assurances, the latest video has fans and followers buzzing once again, speculating on the true nature of their relationship. For now, both Enioluwa and Priscilla maintain they are simply best of friends, enjoying each other’s company in the public eye.