Ruger, Susan Pwajok react to dating rumour

Singer Micheal Adebayo, better known as Ruger, and actress Susan Pwajok have reacted after raising speculations that they could be dating.

Susan posted a loved-up video of the duo on Tik Tok on Thursday with Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ playing in the background.

The video sparked reactions on social media on Friday, causing fans to wonder if the singer and The Johnsons actress are now dating.

Reacting to the speculations, the duo hinted at the possibility of the rumour being true.

Ruger posted a video himself dancing to his new song ‘Girlfriend’ with the caption, “Don’t play this song when your GIRLFRIEND is around oooo she’ll break your head.”

Reacting in the comment section of the post, Susan wrote, “I sha want you back home by 2. what are you going to do?”

Responding to the question, Ruger called Susan his babe.

“Sorry, babe my car broke down at mile 2,” he replied.