RMD replies critics questioning wife’s decision to give up fame for marriage

Veteran actor Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) has replied to critics who questioned his wife Jumobi’s decision to give up her fame to build their home.

In a question and answer video posted on Instagram on Wednesday, the 60-year-old noted that it was his wife’s decision to give up her fame even before he got married to her.

“My wife had her mind made up before we got married that she didn’t want to be in the public eye and she needed a timeout to raise our family. It was a decision she reached on her own,” he replied.

When asked why she had to give up her dreams, the Diamond Ring actor stated that his wife only gave up fame and not her dreams.

“She only gave up fame. She is very successful in the corporate world and runs a successful business which she’s passionate about called Blends & Blings,” he wrote.

The movie star also said that it was possible for two celebrities to run a successful home and he supports his wife’s decision not to be in the spotlight.

Some critics had knocked down the actor on his 21st wedding anniversary after he revealed that his wife gave up her fame to build their home.

RMD married Jumobi four years after losing his first wife, May, in 1996.

The couple has four children together.