Respect Sanwo-Olu, Harvesters church pastor cautions members over poor reception of governor


Lead pastor of Harvesters International Christian Centre in Lagos Bolaji Idowu has spoken up on the visit of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to the church on Sunday, March 12.

Sanwo-Olu paid a visit to the church and was filmed shaking hands with some members of the church after the service.

A clip of the incident went viral and got many criticising the governor. His critics said he visited the church to endear himself to the public and get them to vote for him on March 18.

Explaining the governor’s impromptu visit to his congregation in a video seen by on Tuesday, Pastor Idowu said he was preaching in the second service when he saw strange faces coming in and when he enquired what was wrong he was told the governor was on his way to the church.

Addressing the lack of respect given to Sanwo-Olu at the church, Idowu said, “He’s a Christian. He has worshipped in other churches. I’ve had the opportunity to preach to him in this church. I’ve had the opportunity to pray for him. Remember that he’s the state governor so we must respect him with that office.”

Idowu also urged his congregation to treat all visitors with respect, noting that world leaders will come to the church and they have to be treated with respect.

Sanwo-Olu, meanwhile, will be seeking re-election on March 18 as he faces stiff opposition especially from the Labour Party which has grown in popularity since Peter Obi’s victory over APC’s Bola Tinubu in Lagos.