Reno Omokri under fire for saying Ezekwesili intelligent, not beautiful

Reno Omokri new

Reno Omokri, a former social media aide of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has come under criticism on Twitter for sexualising former minister of education Oby Ezekwesili.

Mr Omokri had earlier in the week taken to Twitter to advise that a man does not need a wife who can pray, but rather a woman who can “pray”, “slay”, and “stay”. He stated that a woman can be taught to pray, but beauty cannot be learned; it is either present or absent.

One of his followers disagreed with him, stating that both praying and “slaying” can be learned.

In response, Omokri explained that although every woman has something attractive about her, not all of them have beautiful faces, using Ezekwesili as an example.

He said, “Dear @SaintNduka, You are perfectly right. Both of them can be THOUGHT of, but only one can be taught. Please people, let’s stop deceiving ourselves. Every woman has something beautiful about her, but not every woman has a beautiful face. E.g., Oby Ezekwesili!

“Oby has beautiful willpower. Oby has some (not all) beautiful principles. Oby has beautiful stamina and determination. But no matter how you twist it, Oby does not have a beautiful face! In fact, Nduka, Oby can teach you how to pray, but you can’t teach her how to change her face naturally. Truth is bitter, but truth is better!”

When it was reported by a blogger, Omokri accused the blogger of using “screaming headline” though sticking to his earlier statement.

“These bloggers just like screaming headlines. I was actually responding to a comment truthfully,” he tweeted on February 3.

“I stand by my words. It is what it is. Oby is very, very intelligent and has some principles. But she does not have a beautiful face! Truth is bitter, but better.”

More Twitter users have begun criticising him for his comments. See below: