Regina Chukwu speaks on Osmond Gbadebo’s illness, death

Actress Regina Chukwu has spoken about the illness and death of her colleague Osmond Gbadebo who died at the age of 45.

Osmond’s death was announced on Monday, May 30, by some of his colleagues like Madam Saje, Afeez Owo, Kunle Afod and Zainab Bakare.

Reacting to the tragic loss, in an Instagram post on Tuesday, Regina pointed out that waking up to the news of Gbadebo’s demise was the hardest thing she ever had to deal with in recent times.

The mother of two recollected praying for the actor who told her that the worst part was over and she should be thanking God on his behalf.

She wrote: “Osmond!!! Waking up to the news of your demise is the hardest thing I have had to deal with in recent time
Haaaaa Osmond haaaaa! The last time we saw on set, I remembered praying for you, I remembered how worried I was and you told me the worst has passed that all I should be doing is thanking God in your behalf haaaaaaa Osmond, so that time we spoke on the phone was going to be that last time it’s been very very hard to stop the tears o, cos for real you is one guy with a free spirit, you are nice I mean this guy was just a nice human and very hardworking To think you just had a baby and that young wife of yours. It’s well o. Rest In Peace, my brother. This is really hard but we can’t question God.”

Reacting to her tribute in the comment section of the post, an Instagram user identified as Kunmiolu said urged entertainers to start taking care of themselves and go for regular check-ups.

The user wrote: “Can we start taking care of ourselves in this industry. Early detection is the key, can we start preaching and teaching regular check-ups and change some of our lifestyles. God comfort his family but enough of untimely deaths.”

Responding to her statement, Regina pointed out that Osmond’s sickness did not happen all of a sudden and he has been maintaining it for some time.

She wrote: “It didn’t happen all of a sudden, he has been maintaining it for some time.”

Another critic identified and Funmilayo also wrote: “Better not until they lost someone among them.”

Displeased by her statement, Regina cautioned Funmilayo saying, “I am sure people don’t die on your street or in your family….Y’all need to learn to do better. Actors are human like y’all. So just drop your condolences and keep moving.”

Gbadebo was famous for movies such as Ewon Ife, Queen Lateefat, Edunjobi and Hired Killer.

The filmmaker will be buried on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at the Atan Cemetery in Lagos State, while the service of songs will hold on Friday, June 3 at No 57, Mogaji Street, Ijeshatedo Surulere, Lagos.