Regina Chukwu shares photo of hangover face after consuming alcohol

Actress Regina Chukwu has posted a photo of her hangover face after consuming alcohol.

The mother of two posted the photo on Instagram on Wednesday, adding that her current look is a result of the effect the drink had on her.

Captioning the photos, she wrote: “I am an occasional drinker so this the kind of effect it has on me. I no sabi drink alcohol at all. My hangover face.”

Regina Chukwu on June 22, announced said she is ready to date again 20 years after her husband’s death.

She wrote: “MY NAME IS GINA and I am a very beautiful lady that is single and searching indicate interest in the comment section and then submit CV into this email add ……… Pls my headache is headache me so don’t stress me with long stories.”

On her daughter’s birthday on April 5, Regina narrated how being a widow at a young age devasted her.

According to Regina, losing her husband and taking care of her two children alone shattered her.