Reactions as Mo Abudu threatens to block trolls over criticism of Chief Daddy 2

Nigerians have reacted to filmmaker Mo Abudu’s statement about the criticism trailing her Netflix film Chief Daddy.

Since the movie was released on January 1, it has attracted a wave of negative remarks across social media and in the press.

The 51-year-old in an Instagram post on Friday threatened to block trolls who make disrespectful comments about the movie.

As expected, Nigerians took to Twitter to react to the filmmaker’s statement.

“Final part of Mo Abudu speech on “Chief Daddy 2” sounded like a threat. I’ve watched AY Makun being trolled over the years for producing a not-so-constructive but star-jammed movie, and never have I seen him threaten to block anyone’s entry to his pages over their negative shots,” @Dami wrote.

“Mo Abudu’s speech about Chief Daddy. The CEO with sense and class. That knows the importance of PR. That knows the importance of social media and its reach. ELTV did not respond hurriedly to all the trolling as majority are quick to do,” @Gold-Oluafadi Shakirat wrote.

“Nigerians really dragged Chief Daddy 2 and Mo Abudu had to apologize. I’m glad she reiterated production of better-quality movies like they do before. It’s not just about being star-studded. The potential is there and has been shown in previous productions,” @Joche wrote.

“LMAO. Why are you upset that Mo Abudu professionally and Respectfully told you not to insult her or her team? Why don’t you know how to share criticism like an adult? Say your issues properly. All this “it was daft” isn’t criticism. It’s insult. No one should take it from you,” @Dami wrote.

@Tyler wrote: “MO abudu really have made her monies back for her to say what she said about the reviews of chief daddy 2.”

“I love films so much. They are my own perfect escape. I just want it to be well done and could care less about what camera you use. Then a film like ‘Chief Daddy 2’ gets made and later, Mo Abudu releases a response that sounds more like a threat than an apology,” @Anita wrote.