Razaq Okoya’s daughter, husband welcome twins after 14 IVFs, miscarriages

Juwon Alao-Akala and Hadiza Okoya

The family of industrialist Razaq Okoya has grown bigger with the addition of two new grandchildren.

Okoya’s daughter Hadiza and her husband Olamijuwonlo Alao-Akala, recently welcomed a set of twins.

Olamijuwonlo is the son of the late former governor of Oyo State Adebayo Alao-Akala.

Announcing the arrival of the babies on Thursday via Instagram, Hadiza revealed the struggles she and her husband underwent in search of children.

The excited mum shared a photo in which she and her husband are seen holding their babies.

“It’s time to tell my story. It started in November 2014, innocent, naive and very hopeful. Litle did I know what was in front of me. God all I can say is thank you,” she wrote.

“After 14 IVFs, multiple miscarriages including 24 weekers boy/girl twins and 17 weekers identical triplet girls. Today I celebrate the birth of my full-term babies. Look at God, I have a story, l’Il tell you in detail soon.”

The set of twins are the couple’s first children since they got married at an elaborate wedding in 2014.