Rahama Sadau donates money made from movie to charity

Rahama Sadau

Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has donated the funds she made from her movie Nadeeya to charity.

The Chief Daddy 2 star made this known in a recent statement.

According to the statement, the funds for the movie project were given to her foundation Ray of Hope, she, in turn, gave the money to the needy.

“She has dedicated all the money garnered in her newly released movie— “Nadeeya”, to this great foundation. We’re so much grateful and pleased for this humanitarian gesture.

All resources channeled will be put into good use. Thank you, Queen Rahama Sadau. You have been consistently amazing and inspiring with your works,” the statement read.

The Gani ga Wane actress graduated from the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus.

She has been featured in several Kannywood movies.