Proposal video to Nini was a skit – Saga

Nini and Saga

Big Brother Naija star Saga has disclosed that contrary to what the public thinks he is not engaged to his colleague Nini.

In a video that surfaced on the internet last month, Saga, dressed in a suit, went down on one knee to propose to Nini who was dressed in a beautiful gown.

The surprised Nini kept asking “Are you people playing?”

Saga said he did not write down any speech because he wanted it to come from his heart.

He then said, “You’re the only person that from the moment I saw you I knew you were the one. This is the real deal.

“You are everything to me. You are the only reason that I smile, you are the only person that takes my smile away, you are the only person that can make me happy. With you, I want to wake up on the same bed, have kids, cuddle, talk to, laugh with, cry with, cry for, cry to.”

Nini wasted no time in saying yes and Saga planted the ring on her finger.

However, Saga said in an interview on Naija FM 102.7 that the proposal video was a skit shot in December 2022.

“It’s an old video from December last year. I still don’t know how that video got out honestly. It was Neo that called me and was like ‘Saga, your stuff is online.’ I asked, ‘What is online?’ He said, ‘Your proposal video.’ I had to cut the call and run inside my room,” he said, laughing very hard.

Asked when they would tie the knot, he said, “The video na skit.”

Saga and Nini were very close in the Big Brother house which had viewers questioning the nature of their friendship