Police search as Abuja lady Ameerah tweets from den of kidnappers

Abducted lady Ameerah

The FCT Police Command says it is working on the case raised by a lady Ameerah Sufyan, who tweeted on Tuesday that she and 16 persons were abducted in Abuja.

Sufyan had said they were abducted at gunpoint from their homes by armed men in police uniform.

According to her, the captives include three pregnant women and two children, all taken from different parts of Abuja.

“Please whoever has my WhatsApp number I sent a broadcast message of my location, we were abducted at gun point by ppl with police uniforms and a van from our houses from different parts of Abuja, we’re 17 including 3 pregnant women and two little kids, they didn’t see my phone,” she wrote via an iPhone.

Hours later, she tweeted again, “They’re 4 Yoruba and two Fulani men They divided us up an hour ago we’re 7 here. The other vehicle they said they will reach Ilorin and ours will reach Ibadan or Ikeja as they said.”

Reacting to her SOS call, the FCT Police Command tweeted that the “investigative and tactical apparatus on the case remains as discoveries are looking promising.”

It added that “contact is maintained with her family to speed up investigation.”

Several Nigerians have taken to Twitter to call for her release.