Pictures: Fayose visits Aregbesola in Osogbo

Happy-go-lucky Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, put politics aside on Tuesday to visit his Osun counterpart, Rauf Aregbesola, at Government Hose, Osogbo.

Fayose, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has been unsparing in his criticism of Aregbesola’s All Progressives Congress (APC) at the centre.

The two men embraced each other like long lost brothers to the admiration of witnesses including Osun Deputy Governor, Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori.

Aregbesola, however, advised Fayose to face the reality of the death of the PDP as a party.

‎While saying he is not asking his visitor to abandon the opposition PDP against his wish, he would only advise him to join hands with a political party that will give hope to the people of Nigeria.

He also charged the Ekiti State governor to direct his energy towards bringing human and physical development to western region and Nigeria as a whole.

Fayose, during the visit, had said that he was in Osun not for any political reason and that he is not ready to abandon the PDP for the APC but for his belief in the Yoruba race and her development and unity.

Aregbesola described the visit as demonstration of maturity, saying it takes a very matured human being to know that at the end of every public office, he will be left with humanity.

He said, “Osoko has said that he is not going to leave his party, but the reality today is that PDP has served its term in Nigeria. When a horse is dead, it is either you abandon it or you bury it.

“I want my good friend and brother to know that PDP has exhausted its stay in Nigeria, it can no longer be revived; let us look at a political party that will give hope to our people. Opposition must be for a purpose, I stand by you on the unity of Yoruba land and that our leaders not put down in the country.

“The war is over; we are in a season of mobilising our people to agriculture and produce such that we will economically have the strength to give leadership to the Nation and Africa. Our energy must be directed at bringing human and physical development, we have enough in this region to give leadership,” Aregbesola stressed.

He assured Fayose that he will stand by him in his effort to galvanise the people of South West for accelerated development.

Fayose stated that against all speculations that he was coming to Osogbo to ask Aregbesola help him beg President Muhammadu Buhari, he was in Osun for the unity of the Yoruba race.

He added that the Yoruba race is greater than any political office hence his belief in the development of the race.

The governor averred that the visit of the Ooni of Ife to the 45th coronation of the Alaafin of Oyo is instructive hence the need for Yoruba sons and daughters to see to the unity and progress of the race.

He said, “This is my first official visit to any APC state in Nigeria. I am not in Osogbo to ask Aregbesola to help me beg as being speculated in some quarters. We are all Yoruba, politics is like water, it can flow anywhere.

“I believe in the Yoruba race, the race comes first before the office of the governor. The race is eternal while that of governor is momentary. We must watch today to be guided by tomorrow. I am here for the unity of Yoruba as it affect the Oodua, the progenitor.”

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