Peter Obi travels to Egypt to study power, education, finance sectors

Peter Obi

Presidential candidate Peter Obi has departed Nigeria on a three-day visit to Egypt to study the country’s power, education, planning and finance sectors.

Mr Obi, who will be contesting the presidential election in 2023 on the platform of Labour Party, announced his trip via Twitter on Tuesday.

The former Anambra State governor shared photos of himself at the airport, adding that he is embarking on the trip as part of his determination to do a detailed study of comparable countries to Nigeria.

“I just departed for Egypt on a 3-day visit as part of my detailed study of comparable countries to Nigeria. In Egypt, I am expected to understudy, among others, the Egyptian Power Sector, Education, Planning and Finance Sectors,” Obi tweeted.

In March, Obi met with top Moroccan government officials in areas of security, economy and education.

He said he has stopped comparing Nigeria with the developed countries but has chosen to study and compare Nigeria with better performing economies in Asia, such as China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Phillipines.

According to him, his comparison also includes African countries with politically stable, rapidly-growing and large populations of over 30 million, such as Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, and Ghana.

“Our discussions have deepened my belief that, although our economy appears distressed and hopeless, the situation can be turned around to kick-start the growth trajectory,” Obi said on meeting Moroccan officials.

The 60-year-old, who enjoys large following on social media especially from young people, often stresses his intention to move the Nigerian economy from being consumption-based to production-based.