Omawunmi calls out philkeys for photobombing her

Omawumi BTS Me Ke qedng

Singer, Omawumi Megbele, popularly known as Omawumi, has called out fellow singer, Philkeys, for photobombing her.

The 38-year-old jokingly demanded to know why he was in her shot in a post she shared on Instagram on Tuesday.

She wrote, ”The way I dey keep face sometimes, you no go know say I like laugh @philkeyz why are you bombing my photo?…”

Philkeys then tried to explain why he was in the background of the picture, which is a behind-the scenes-shot from a video shoot.

”I was passing by,” he replied.

In a post she shared on February 1, the ’Finish Me’ singer admitted that she had been tempted to crop her friend, Waje, out of a photo they took together at an event but did not do so due to her Christian beliefs.

“I nearly cropped @officialWaje out of my photo but that’s not the Christian thing to do,” she wrote on Instagram.