Obesere teased as first man to wear female blouse

Fuji musician Obesere has been teased as the first man to wear female clothing.

The 55-year-old born Abass Akande joined the viral Meet Challenge on Instagram on Wednesday, August 26.

He shared several pictures believed to have been prepared by fans with different funny inscriptions.

“Meet Abass Akande, the first man to wear female blouse,” one read.

The other read: “…The first African Michael Jackson.”

While the third read: “…The first man to sing Asakasa.”

Thrilled by the captions, Obesere wrote: “You people will not wound me with laughter.”

The Meet Challenge had on Tuesday extended to President Muhammadu Buhari as critics took to Twitter to troll him over what they feel are his missteps five years into his presidency.

Obesere, however, went huge in March on Twitter after his fans got wind that he had joined the platform. 

Days after, the Agba Akin of Yorubaland revealed to Punch newspapers that he was preparing the remix of his popular song ‘Egungun Be Careful’.

“I will soon release a remix of the song ‘Egungun Be Careful’. You know it was the restriction of motorbikes and tricycles by the Lagos State government that led to the resurgence of the song. The song was basically used to tell motorcyclists to be careful on the expressway,” he said.

Meanwhile, other celebrities have also joined the Meet Challenge.

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo posted an old image of herself with the caption: “Meet Iyabo Ojo, the first woman to produce a Yoruba movie ‘Botife’ in 2004 with her own funds.”

Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina posted a picture made by fans.

“Meet Bukunmi Oluwasina The first African lady to cry throughout a movie. History has it that she was once a town crier in the early years of her life during the year 1867-1868,” the post read.

Actor Alexx Ekubo also joined. His caption read: “Meet Mazi Knackdemus Odobowale DadinBura…The first man in 1899 to tell a woman ‘Go home, I’ll do the transfer later.’”