No actor can be at the top forever – Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze

Nollywood actor Segun Arinze has said that no actor can be at the top of his/her career forever.

The 55-year-old made this statement in an exclusive interview with Qed TV.

When asked why younger actors should join the Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Segun said it’s an all for one and one for all situation, you need a backing from a guild.

“You can’t be an island on your own, no man is an island so we need to come around. If you are not a member of AGN, someday you will need AGN to do something for you.

“There is a reason to be a member. In the United States and Britain almost every actor is a member of the guild. When you talk of residuals it is the guild that can do that for you. Take it from me, you can never be at the top the zenith of your carrier highest five years 10 years,” he said.

Segun further encouraged actors to join the guild and be protected.

Segun is a former AGN president.