Some Nigerians identify with Buhari’s son, Yusuf in his `moment of need’

Yusuf Buhari

Some Nigerians in the FCT have expressed support for Yusuf, President Buhari’s only son, following his involvement in a motorbike accident on December 26, 2017, subsequent hospitalization.

Yusuf had crashed his bike in Gwarinpa in Abuja and was rushed to the hospital after suffering a head injury and broken limb.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Wednesday, the respondents expressed optimism that the President’s son would recover fully soon.

A medical practitioner, Dr. Stephen Adebite, said: “I was distressed when I heard the sad news of the involvement of our dear President’s son in a power bike accident.

“Although I don’t wish to dwell on the immediate cause of the accident, I am glad that the situation was properly handled by Cedarcrest Hospital where he was rushed to,” Adebite said.

The Adebite further said that it was a sad thing for a man’s only son to be involved in such an accident.

“It must be quite devastating to the President” he added

The medical practitioner also said that the health of the President’s son should be of utmost concern to all Nigerians.

Mr. Anthony Agbonlahor, a leading lawyer in the FCT, urged Nigerians show empathy for the wellbeing of Buhari’s only son regardless of the socio-political and economic situation in the country.

Agbonlahor said: “The present economic recession or political tension engulfing the country will certainly not last forever; but God forbid that the President should lose his son, which would remain permanent.”

He said that if anything happens to Buhari’s son, the President can never be in a good frame of mind to face the challenges of his office.

“The President is a human being and not a machine. Therefore, he deserves the sympathy of Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

“I wish Yusuf quick recovery,” Agbonlahor said.

Mr. Babatunde Olusegun, a Civil Servant, urged Nigerians to rally around the President at such critical time of his son’s accident.

Olusegun said that it would amount to barbarism for Nigerians to continue to go about their normal businesses “as if they are unaffected by Buhari’s plight”.

“What we should do at this period of time is to pray for the quick recovery of the President’s only son,” Olusegun said.

According to him, no matter the challenges the country is facing in terms of hardship, it is the duty of every Nigerian to identify with the President in his “time of need”.

Olusegun prayed for the quick recovery of the President’s son.