Nigerian professor arrested in Ghana over inciting statements

A Nigerian professor based in Ghana, Austin Nwagbara, has been arrested by the police after he accused the Ghanaian government of maltreating Nigerians.

Prof. Nwagbara had appeared in a viral video urging a group of people to employ the media from Nigeria to reshape the reportage of Nigerians based in Ghana.

Nwagbara said Nigerians are highly talented but lack strategies to take advantage of their position, adding that the current government in Ghana rode to power “under Nigeria bashing.”

The professor said the quality of education in Nigeria was better than that of Ghana in condemnation of fees paid by Nigerian students in Ghana.

“They (Ghana) are using our manpower. We have an advantage that we supply to them. What are we getting back? Insults!

“Our people (Nigerians) will come here (Ghana) and pay $10,000 (as tuition) but they will not pay N20,000 in the University of Lagos…what an average student pays in the University of Lagos in one session to get a degree in English is N12,000,” he said.

Nwagbara was said to have been interrogated for hours before being released on bail.

According to a report on Ghanaweb, he was asked to keep reporting to the police periodically “until a final determination of the case”.