Nigerian man Kunle Adeyanju on bike challenge from London finally arrives Nigeria

Nigerian man Kunle Adeyanju, who has been biking from London as part of a challenge, arrived Nigeria on Sunday.

Mr Adeyanju embarked on his journey from United Kingdom on April 19, 2022 to raise money for charity.

He arrived to cheers from the crowd who had gathered in anticipation of his arrival.

During a stop over in Burkina Faso, Adeyanju was challenged by a Burkinabe lady identified as Miriam, to carry her, with the promise to support his cause with $100.

He wrote on Twitter: “Rotn Miriam threw a challenge at me… “if you carry me, I will donate $100 to the charity” and she did!

“Pls throw your challenge at me and support the Charity fund and I will do my part.”

Days ago, he arrived Ghana from Cote d’Ivoire, and was treated to a plate of jollof rice. Ghanaians and Nigerians have an eternal battle over whose jollof recipe is the best.

According to Kunle, he enjoyed the meal but noted that he prefers the Nigerian recipe.

“Hello Ghana…. thank for the jollof rice tonight …. But I still prefer Nigerian Jollof,” he said.