Nigerian couple arrested for attempted ATM fraud in India


A Nigerian man and woman have been arrested for allegedly placing a skimmer and micro-camera at an ATM kiosk in Kandivali, a neighbourhood in the north Mumbai, India to fraudulently withdraw money, police said on Tuesday.

The duo were identified as Isahi Ogunle Seyi (34) and Kharad Rosy Moggy (37), both residing in Nalasopara in neighbouring Palghar district.

“They had placed a skimmer and micro-camera at a Yes Bank ATM kiosk in Thakur Village in Kandivali East. After a customer approached police claiming that he had seen a skimmer attached to the ATM, we started investigations,” an official said.

“We placed one policeman in the uniform of a security guard outside the ATM while others kept vigil in the vicinity. On Sunday, Isahi Ogunle Seyi went into the ATM and came out immediately and then started running when he saw police approaching. We chased him down after he had run over a kilometre,” he said.

His partner was picked up based on his interrogation, he said, adding that both are Nigerian nationals.

Skimmers are devices fastened near the factory- installed card reader of the automated teller machine to capture data from the magnetic strip on the back of a debit or credit card.

Micro-cameras are used for PIN (personal identification number) capturing which allows withdrawal of money using fraudulent cards made by inserting the captured magnetic strip data.