Nigeria police can improve image through film – Ego Boyo

Ego Boyo

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ego Boyo, has stated that the Nigeria Police Force can improve its image with the help of films.

The 51-year-old stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) published on Wednesday.

“The police have an opportunity to launder their image through positive representation in film,” she said.

Ego also explained that through the continuous positive representation of the police in films, citizens can trust the system better.

She cited this as the reason why she sought to create a morally upright police character in her upcoming film, The Ghost and The House of Truth.

“We gave them that opportunity in our film, with the representation of a dedicated and professional police officer,” she said.

The Ghost and The House of Truth is a movie which follows a counsellor’s actions after she discovers her 15-year-old child is missing.

It stars Kate Henshaw as Officer Stainless, Toyin Oshinaike as Uncle Joe, Susan Wokoma as Bola Ogun, Mario Obruthe as Tomi, Imoleayo Olusanya as Nike and Dara Egerton-Shyngle as Susan.

Ego Boyo has previously spoken about using her film to draw attention to the plight of the residents of Makoko, a community in the Yaba Local Government Area of Lagos State.