Nazareth Jesse thanks AGN for assistance on Victor Decker’s burial

Nollywood actor Victor Decker

Nollywood actress Nazareth Jesse has thanked the Abuja chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) for their assistance on the burial of veteran actor Victor Decker.

Nazareth, who is the chairman/mayor of the Abuja chapter of the AGN, shared the burial program on Instagram on Saturday.

According to the program, Decker was buried on Thursday in Abuja.

“Gratitude, they say, is the least of all virtues but its vice, ingratitude, is the worst of all vices. I wish to heartily appreciate this noble family, AGN Abuja, for the show of solidarity and oneness manifested on the death of our revered Veteran, late Uncle Victor Decker.

“The cooperation and love exhibited have shown that if death could be wrestled, this family could have unitedly defeated death and could have rescued our departed Veteran from the shackles of death. Unfortunately, we are mere mortals and no matter how strong we are, when death comes knocking we can’t wage the door. Death is a necessary end which must come when it will come,” she wrote.

On Tuesday, Nazareth said the decomposing of Decker’s body in his apartment.

“Yes, Victor Decker is dead. I am in the mortuary where they want to embalm him. I am not aware of the cause of his death. I just got a call that his neighbours did not see him for days so they got concerned. They went to his house, knocked on his door but got no response so they had to break down the door. That was when they saw him sitting on his chair lifeless.

“He was already smelling as he was decomposing. I rushed down there to arrange the necessary things. I had to obtain a police report and cars to convey him to a hospital. I took him to several hospitals but they rejected him because his body was already decomposing,” she wrote.

Decker starred in films like Double Strings, If I am President and Lotanna.

He was a member of the Abuja branch of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN).