Namadi Sambo denies ownership of Kaduna Disco

Namadi Sambo

Former Vice President Namadi Sambo has denied ownership of Kaduna Electric Power Distribution Company of Nigeria (KAEDCO).

An online news platform had alleged that Mr Sambo owned the company by proxy.


The report also said the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) issued a query to power distribution companies.

In a statement, however, on Friday, Sambo described the report as “total falsehood and fallacy.”

He said: “The story alleged that l own KAEDCO through a proxy. l wish to state unequivocally that the story is untrue, malicious and unfounded. The story is aimed at bringing my reputation to disrepute. For the records, I do not own a single share in the company or any of the public privatised companies under my watch either directly or through a proxy.”

The former number two citizen added: “As the chairman of the privatisation council and indeed as a public servant, l discharged my duties responsibly by laid down rules and procedures and in the interest of the nation.”


He demanded the withdrawal of the report by the authors and a public apology within seven days.

Sambo urged journalists to uphold the principles and ethics of the noble profession at all times.