Music manager Soso Soberekon attacked by traffic robbers

Soso Sobrekon

Music manager Soso Soberekon has been attacked by traffic robbers in Lagos.

Soso took to his Instagram post on Wednesday to lament the attack in a video that shows the damaged car.

The CEO of White Lion Group said he has declared war on the robbers since the government cannot protect citizens.

“See my car? Traffic robbers, I’m declaring war, all those unexplainable people around traffic, I don’t care who you are, either beggers or any age, this is what you guys did to me yesterday, I don’t care who you are or any age. Traffic robbers, since the government cannot protect us we’ll protect oursleves,” Soso said.

@jidesanwoolu¬†the traffic robberies in Lagos are getting too much, do something as soon as possible. From Lekki expressway, Freedom way, Ojota, Oshodi nowhere is safe. As for you robbers that tried to rob me, Shey una see say no be everybody way eh easy to rob from?” he captioned the video.

Soso was involevd in a car accident in Januray 2021.